Actress Nimmi Harasgama nominated for UK’s National TV Award

Sri Lanka-born British actress Nimmi Harasgama has been nominated for Best Drama Performance at the UK’s National Television Awards.

Harasgama, who won the Best Actress Award at the 2004 International Film Festival in Spain for her lead role in the Sinhalese movie ‘Ira Madiyama’ (August Sun), has now been nominated for the portrayal of Nurse Mari in series three of her ITV show ‘The Good Karma Hospital’.

The actress said she was honoured and humbled to be nominated among some incredible performers in the category... (READ MORE)

​​The Good Karma Hospital's Mari to lose job after arrival of two new doctors?
THE GOOD KARMA HOSPITAL's regular doctor Mari Rodriguez's job could be at stake as two new doctors shake up her working life.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk and other press, Nimmi opened up about the arrival of the new doctors and how Mari truly felt.

She explained: "Mari is always suspicious of anyone that comes in that’s new I think it’s kind of like her territory as well.

"But they both surprise her, especially Dr Samir, I think, how he sort of takes on this role... (READ MORE)


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    • "The film delivers powerhouse performances by a cast including Ingram, Nimmi Harasgama, Ali Kazmi, Agam Darshi, Seema Biswas, Rehan Mudannayake and Shivantha Wijesinha. It is produced by Mehta’s long-time creative partner David Hamilton, with a score from three-time Oscar winner Howard Shore. Teresa Font served as editor and Douglas Koch is the cinematographer."

      “Funny Boy” will debut on Netflix in the U.S., U.K., New Zealand and Australia on Dec. 10. It will also receive a theatrical release in Canada, as well as select cities throughout the U.S. that month."

AKASA KUSUM (Flowers In The Sky) (2008) 

  • “However, Nimmi Harasgama brilliantly portrays the character of Priya, the abandoned daughter of Sandhya Rani. Particularly, she has been successful in eliciting complex emotions demanded by the character.”

AUGUST SUN (Ira Madiyama) (2003) 

  • “Best Actress Award for Nimmi Harasgama at the 5th International Film Festival of Las Palmas –2004 in Spain."

  • “Her debut as a lead actress won her the ‘Best Actress’ award at the Fifth International Film Festival of Las Palmas 2004, in Spain. “When I won the award I didn’t really feel anything because I was a bit too shocked,” said Nimmi with a laugh explaining that she was not aware that she was in the running. After her award-winning performance, next in line for her is the film Mother Theresa for which the filming was done here in Sri Lanka and Italy. “I play the role of the nun who is now in charge of the Mother Theresa Home.””



  • “In a world premiere, bawdy asylum seeker Auntie Netta reveals her unusual journey and brilliant take on Britain, from the people, politics and situations she encounters, to the mysteries of the ‘Venezuelan’ bikini wax. Auntie Netta has landed in the UK and she’s on a mission to enjoy her ‘holiday’ whilst seeking asylum. Driven by Auntie Netta’s skewed perspective and biting wit, the show is a fresh and funny satire on being an outsider in the UK. Auntie Netta is an internet phenomenon and the host of a popular TV chat show in Sri Lanka. She has recently performed at BAC and for Funny Women at the Royal Festival Hall.”


THE SNOW QUEEN (2011-12)

  • “Strong comic performances from Nimmi Harasgama as a power-crazed goddess and Asif Khan as a bonkers crow help justify the relocation of this fairytale to more southerly climes, but you miss the bone-chilling Scandinavian darkness of Andersen’s Sneedronningen, if only because it’s a Christmas classic.”

  • “Nimmi Harasgama particularly shone as the director while Raj Bajaj made the role the Tree a must-have cameo.”

  • “However, with some hilarious comic performances, most notably Nimmi Harasgama as the Hindu Goddess and Asif Khan as Kaka, (half crow/half man), the disjointed feel to the show is forgivable and certainly delivers the unexpected.”

  • “The surprise in Anupama Chandrasekhar’s reworking of the tale for the Unicorn Theatre is that it is set in India. This seems a crazy choice but it works surprisingly well... As often with Unicorn Christmas shows, this is a version full of psychological details and backstories – the imperious majesty (Nimmi Harasgama), for example, is grief-stricken for her lost son.”


  • “The three 'imaginary' characters of Gandhi (played superbly by Gary Pillai who gives Ben Kingsley a run for his money), Shiva played by the handsome and commanding Robert Mountford and Kali played with impeccable comic timing by the gorgeous Nimmi Harasgama are wonderfully cast and have you captivated from their very first word.”

  • “The wonderfully aggressive and petulant siren Kali (a suitably sexy and stroppy Nimmi Harasgama) deigns to teach Asha how to release her inner tiger while flirting with and admonishing her wayward husband (Shakespeare stalwart Robert Mountford).”


  • “It seems invidious to pick out one performance but Nimmi Harasgama gives a deliciously witty portrayal of a maiden aunt, from youth to old age, one that could be a showcase for her own upcoming solo with Tamasha.”

  • “Rochi Rampal gives a worthy performance, as Nasreen, and she is superbly supported by Bharti Patel (Saheeda), Nimmi Harasgama (Auntie Munah), and Sohm Kapila (Alia). Each of the women deftly deliver performances that are packed with poignancy and loaded with laughs.”


  • “...she has a truly frightening intensity of emotional power on stage. and that is a compliment. it is difficult for a performer to consistently give so much, but she makes it look easy. i have great admiration for her talent...” http://daytripper.wordpress.com/ 2006/03/18/nimmi-harasgama-estelle/


  • “(Nimmi Harasgama)...(a)s the undisputed star of ETV’s soon to be launched television series ‘The Auntie Netta Chat Show’ the eccentric old woman has already interviewed a dozen prominent Sri Lankans...”

  • “The beautiful star of ‘Akasa Kusum’ has a not so secret alter ego. Auntie Netta is Nimmi Harasgama’s funny side and she’s here to stay. Filmed on a webcam, Auntie Netta with her strange hair, strange expressions and even stranger opinions is very popular on the internet - you can find several of her short films on YouTube.... It’s clear that post her acclaimed portrayal of Priya in ‘Akasa Kusum,’ Nimmi is hard at work and will be appearing in several films and plays over the course of the year. She continues to dabble in script writing, but admits that more often than not her work ends up hidden away under the bed or at the back of the wardrobe.”